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Workshops & Seminars

Dr. Katherine is active in providing workshops and seminars in the tri-state area.  She offers both half-day and full-day workshops and seminars. 


When called in to host as a licensed psychologist topics range from conscious parenting, living in balance and joy, health and wellness, and navigating the special education system to social skill development in children and teens, anger management, and living single happily ever after. 


When called in to host as a Mind-Body Wellness Coach topics presented aim at helping women and men navigate the minefield of the negative images about food, weight, and diet that we all encounter everyday; educating women and men on how what we’ve been told about being willpower weaklings is all wrong; and empowering women and men to take charge of their nutritional life by ditching diets and walking away from all the conflicting advice we often hear from nutrition experts.

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